Thursday, April 15, 2010


Imagine my surpise when after all of the couponing &frequent shopper $ I have saved got me $8.57 worth of merchandise that I need to buy anyway for 88¢.

Takes time, effort, and may not seem like much to most people but I get a rush out of it. Although it wouldn't be possible without the help of some of my favorite Bloggers.  Thanks ladies!!


  1. So, where the heck are you getting all these coupons from?


  2. I get them from all over. Mostly to get that low a price you follow the Sunday circulars in conjuction with your coupons. I follow some great ladies on FB that help you by doing the hard part for you. I'll be sure to suggest them to you in FB so you can read their blogs. They are a huge help & I'm greatful they work so hard. Sadly they are all of the US so I'm trying to follow some local stores like HEB to accoplish the same thing.



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