Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back for Good?

Relationship update – if you care – Walmart & I are back together and going strong!

As a followup to my earlier post - I think we might be getting back together

The reason for the original breakup was because I had to try and shop with both my kids in the cart and on several occasions almost buried my son alive in groceries. HEB offers the double riders or the big cars (which I am sure everyone there without children HATES) but those made it possible for me to do my shopping more comfortably. I figured I would pay a couple pennies more just for the convenience of being able to get the shopping done with both of them happily seated. Plus, I am sure my son appreciated it and that was worth the $.

Nevertheless, on that trip for my ALL YOU magazine I noticed the addition of new double rider carts! Praise the Lord – good prices & great shopping carts for my kids. I had to go back!! Love all those pennies I save at Walmart!

Being so happy with them I took the time to send an email. Never thinking it would go past a cubicle at corporate I sent it anyway just so SOMEONE would know this Mom appreciated the effort to make us moms happy. Then last night while cooking dinner around 6pm the phone rings. It was a kind voice (I think Lisa was her name if I remember correctly) of a Manager at MY Walmart. She politely introduced herself & told me that she wanted to personally call me and thank me for the kind words of thanks for the shopping carts. She went on to say she mainly deals with complaints and was happy someone one was happy.

Her phone call & the fact that my little email had made it past corporate made me feel like I, as a customer, mattered. That made me happy! So Walmart & I are back to Rolling Back prices together! Thanks Walmart! I hope we are back together for good!

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